WorkShop Discussion
PBC comprehensive plan, ULDC, Acreage Neighborhood Plan, Acreage Overlay and road plan

ALA Members, please join Acreage Landowners for a series of workshop training discussions pertaining to the PBC Comprehensive Plan, ULDC (code), Acreage Neighborhood Plan, Acreage Overlay and road plans.
This will be a series of 6 meetings.
The meetings are
June 4th & 25th,
July 16th & 30th and,
August 13th & 27th.

These meetings will be at 6:30 pm at the ITID Office at
13476 61st N.
W.P.B., Fl. 33412
All ALA members are welcome to attend and gain some knowledge on how our area works in regards to how our area is governed.
We strongly encourage you to become a member of the ALA to take advantage of these workshops. You can Click Here to join and become a member or sign up at the door.
This will be a great way to learn how things actually work for us, our rights as homeowners & landowners of our rural community and how we can preserve what we have.


Next Meeting August 27th, 2019

6th of a 6 part series

ALA Board Meeting September 9th - 6:30 pm !‬

Tuesday, September 9th at 6:30 PM at ITID
  • Location: ITID
    13476 61st N.
    W.P.B., Fl. 33412
  • Time: 6:30 pm Doors open at 6:00pm

The ALA is active in protecting the interests of The Acreage:
  1. • Attends all ITID meetings and speaks on issues affecting our parks, roads, and water.
  2. • ALA President Perry Williams represents the interests of The Acreage.
  3. • Membership is $20 per household (two adult members) per year

Please help support the ALA's efforts in the community and the events we put on.
Please support us by joining here

WestLake Proposed Comp Plan

West Lake went before the TREASURE COAST REGIONAL PLANNING COUNCIL On Jan. 19 with no notice given to surrounding areas. Luckly The ALA and others were alerted to this late Jan. 18. The ALA along with many others that had received the alert showed up and spoke against the proposed Comp. Plan.

Click Here to read the Comp Plan

Please note it is 109 pages and may take a while to fully load.
It will open in a new tab or page.

What Happened to PLAN

Here is the reply from the State of Florida

Click here to read the State's reply

G.L. Homes Presentation

The video can be viewed here Click here

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The Acreage Landowners' Association is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to preserving the quality of life for the residents of our beautiful Acreage in unincorporated Palm Beach County, Florida. We create a forum for the residents of the community to hear and speak out about issues, both positive and negative, that affect us all and we organize fun-filled community events for children and families. Please join the association, attend meetings, voice your opinions, or give your ideas. Get involved in our community. Members' and residents' input is essential!

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Rocktoberfest / Car Show / Car Swap Meet / B2C Meet Up

The ALA Rocktoberfest is an event the community looks forward too and is presented by the ALA.
The Music Fest will be Live Music, Car show, Car Parts Swap Meet, and a Business to Community Meet Up.
The Music Fest will be held at 6701 140th Ave N, Loxahatchee, FL.
Saturday sometime in Feb. or March of 2019 (TBD) - Noon until 9:00 pm

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G.L. Homes Agricultural Preservation Plan
ALA Letter to the BCC

Acreage Landowners Association
7040-25 Seminole Pratt whitney Road
Box #60
Loxahatchee, Fl. 33470

May 25, 2017

Hon. Paulette Burdick, Mayor & Commissioner, District 2
Hon. Melissa McKinlay, Vice Mayor & Commissioner, District 6
Hon. Hal R. Valeche, Commissioner, District 1
Hon. David Kerner, Commissioner, District 3
Hon. Steven L. Abrams, Commissioner, District 4
Hon. Mary Lou Berger, Commissioner, District 5
Hon. Mack Bernard, Commissioner, District 7
Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners
301 North Olive Avenue
West Palm Beach, Florida 33401

Re: G. L. Homes' Proposal to Preserve the Indian Trails Grove Property by Transferring Residential Units to the Agricultural Reserve Area

Dear Mayor Burdick, Vice Mayor McKinlay and Commissioners:
On May 23, 2017, GL Homes presented their proposal to transfer unit rights from their Indian Trails Grove property to their land within the Agricultural Reserve area of Palm Beach County; utilizing a portion of the Indian Trails Grove property as required preservation for their proposed developments. This proposal: (1) does not increase the number of units already authorized by the County’s Comprehensive Plan; (2) actually results in significantly MORE land being set aside for preservation; (3) directs growth to an area of the County where infrastructure and planned developments already exist; and, (4) provides for a large contiguous area for farming operations to continue.

On this day, the board of the ALA voted unanimously in favor of supporting GL’s proposal. We believe this proposal is in the best interest of the County for the reasons enumerated above and should be given serious consideration by the Board of County Commissioners.

While we have been working with the representatives of GL Homes for years on their development plans for this area the ALA board firmly believes their proposal identifies and alleviates many of the concerns that the ALA had. We applaud their plan.

Perry Williams ALA President

Facebook Page Protect Indian Trails Grove Learn more at the Website

  • ALA Acreage Community Meeting
  • Where: ITID Building at 61st St N and Avocado Blvd (across from fire station)
  • When: Second Tuesday of the Month 7:00 PM with a Meet N Greet at 6:30 PM (no meetings in July)
  • Who The ALA is hosting the meeting and it is open to all who are interested
  • What Meetings are about items important to The Acreage.

You do not need to be a member to attend the meeting. Membership is appreciated but not necessary. Membership allows you to vote on important issues the board addresses and lends your voice to their efforts.


Join the ALA in Preserving your way of life; Membership is only $20 per year; please join us.

Board Members: Perry Williams, Bob Morgan, Dixie Thiery
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